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INGENASA launches the new INgezim CROM Total Milk kit
INGENASA launches the new INgezim CROM Total Milk kit, for the simultaneous detection of the two main proteins in milk: Casein and b-lactoglobulin.

The kit includes immunochromatographic strips, which allow the quick and easy analyze of food, surface samples and washing water.

Casein and b-lactoglobulin are the most present proteins in milk and dairy products, as well as those with the highest allergenic capacity. Therefore, the detection of both proteins in a single test, allows to ensure in the most efficient way the absence of cross contamination with traces of milk. The test is ideal to carry out a reliable analysis of the samples, without the complexity of having laboratory facilities.

With this kit, INGENASA completes the range of its own tests for allergen detection, both in ELISA and in reactive strip test format.

We will be pleased to answer any questions or additional information you need about this, or another of our kits.